Sharing OER Successes

/ October 30, 2018/

Sharing OER Successes

Michael V. Daly, Alan WittCampus Center 166

The Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo sponsored a symposium on OER usage and invited SUNY faculty to present on their usage of OER, in the hopes of overcoming skepticism about those resources using evidence from their peers. Attendees will brainstorm potential marketing approaches to faculty, using the information from the SUNY Geneseo presentation about the symposium approach as a jumping off point. Attendees will receive an overview of the planning process for the symposium as a potential resource for replicating that event on their own campuses.

Off and Running: Launched in June 2016, Open SUNY Textbooks’ (OST) expansion to offer Open Education Resources Services (SOS) provided Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FM) the much needed opportunity to move from enthusiastic but ad-hoc OER offerings to a formalized, institutionalized and sustainable partnership that has proved a potential pathway for faculty collaboration and student success. Session attendees will learn how, in one year,  the services offered by SOS leveraged the knowledge and experience of 30% more FM faculty to create more robust OER on a stable platform, and allowed 34% more FM students to experience OER in a variety of access points (e.g., digital, web, and print). The expansion of OER resources also contributed to a 4% increase in measured course throughput rates for FM students electing to take a course using OER. Also detailed in this session will be how FM instituted a course fee in Spring, 2017 for OER courses in an effort to sustain these successes.  This fee was met with widespread approval from college administration, faculty, staff and members of Fulton and Montgomery counties. Future casting the role of SOS at FM, includes discussing the potential for widening our reach into college-high school partnership programs and positing the need for a SUNY-wide OER print platform.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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